About “Civil Society Now”


Dear Friends

Civil society has grown exponentially over the past decades and today is recognized as an important development actor throughout the world monitoring public policies, providing technical expertise, and partnering with governments to provide social services.

The Growth of Civil Society

The Civil Society sector—composed of non-governmental organizations (NGOs), faith-based groups, trade unions, indigenous people’s organizations, community groups, and foundations, among others—has emerged as a major force in international development in the past 25 years. There has been a dramatic expansion in the size, scope, and capacity of civil society, which has come in the wake of growing democratic governance movements worldwide, including the recent Arab Spring. It is estimated that the annual expenditures of the non-profit sector worldwide is 1.3 trillion dollars and that it employs over 40 million people. The sector channels approximately $20 billion in financial assistance to developing countries per year. CSOs have also demonstrated an increased influence and ability to shape global public policy during the past two decades. This dynamism is exemplified by successful advocacy campaign movements that have mobilized thousands of supporters around the world on issues such as debt cancellation, poverty reduction, and climate change.

“Civil Society Now” site is created to amplifying the voice of the civil society and aware the masses across the globe and India about the day to day happening around our civil society, government policy and news for public concern.
-Civil Society Now Team


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