Civil society organisation launched ‘let’s walk’ programme


PUNE: The National Society for Clean Cities (NSCC) has launched “let’s walk” programme. In an appeal to citizens NSCC states, ” Each of us should walk a certain length of our neighbourhood. It doesn’t have to be very long -just 200 to 500 metres or so. As you walk, make a list of all that is wrong, any impediments that do not allow a smooth walk… such as hawkers, shop or building encroachments, sloping ramps, broken tiles, non-existent footpath etc”.

It added, ” Walk on the footpath on one side of the road and then come back walking on the other side of the road, making a list again. Mention a landmark from where you started and where you turned around. This is a review of the safety of your neighbourhood footpaths. Do it at least once a month. Give the list to your ward office at the next ward office meeting or go to your parisar samiti and report it. Also, do send your list by email at”. NSCC members added that it compiles the complaints and sends them to the departments concerned.

” Most of us walk. In fact over 90% of Punekars walk. However, it’s so very difficult to walk on the footpaths of Pune. Imagine a senior citizen going for his morning walk, or a child walking to school.. She/ he can barely walk on the footpath. So they walk on the side of the road, where vehicles are parked and hence they are practically in the middle of the road”, the statement said. Let’s pressurise PMC to make it safe for Pedestrians to walk” stated NSCC press statement.

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